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Head First Into Emotional Evolution - Installation at1st Feminnale of Contemporary Art, curated by Altyn Kapalova, National Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2019

Cradle us to life

Frie J. Jacobs - Geertje Vangenechten

Handmade multiple - edition of 5

Including: - print of the visual music score ‘Cradle us to life’  

                 - cd performance by Geertje Vangenechten



CD - 4’53’’



Frie J. Jacobs - Maja Jantar

Handmade multiple - edition of 5

Including: - print of the visual music score ‘Atemwende’ 

                 - video still of the video by Maja Jantar 

                 - video performance by Maja Jantar (usb stick)




introduction: Inge Braeckman
text about visual music scores: Jelle Dierickx

graphic design: Pieter Geerts

publisher: Foundation F

2022 - English/Dutch - hardcover - full color - 96 pages - 25x19,5cm

ISBN 9789464518498

available from April 17, 2022 (send email): 40,00 euros

Head First into Emotional Evolution 

Amy Bassin, Mark Blickley, Frie J. Jacobs 

Head First Into Emotional Evolution is a trilogy of artist books, No Head, No Pain, Saving Face and Body of Work

It is an international collaboration between Belgium artist Frie J. Jacobs, American artist Amy Bassin and American writer Mark Blickley. This trilogy explores the process women undergo in order to create a body of work that will feed and protect themselves, and their families, from patriarchal repression and subjugation.

In Book One – NHD NPN (No Head, No Pain) – “giving head” is what is expected of women in order to placate the ruling patriarchy. It is an initial response of retreat towards the societal limitations placed upon women. The drawings of headless nude women represent how women often remove who they are as individuals in order to avoid painful situations. If she doesn’t have a head she won’t experience the pain of physical, emotional and economic violations placed on her gender.

In Book Two – AI AE (Saving Face) – women confront their thoughts and reactions they must hide in order to achieve gainful employment and acceptance into society. The face they save is their own feminine individuality, which is their true face that they hide behind blank and empty stares. It is a protective mask that appeases a woman’s ego by not confronting the incomprehension and dismissiveness of toxic masculinity. The images contain a double-edged sword that literally and figuratively cuts off both head and then face to public scrutiny, replacing their faces with masks of silent invisibility that often hides resentment and resistance.

Book Three – OY O  O (Body of Work) – is the final stage of feminine emotional evolution. First women removed their heads in an attempt to escape the painful awareness of being born into a disrespected and marginalized gender. They next adopt a protective mask of indifference to shield them from societal scrutiny. And finally after engaging in the horrors of sexual and economic limitations, they bravely go forth to make a living and a life by ensconcing themselves within full engagement in the workplace by a full body immersion into the socio-economic system where they initiate total physical, intellectual and emotional engagement in order to overcome challenges by being flexible and open to ideas that can create a place where they can be joyful and powerful in their femininity.

hand-made artist books

collaborations between:

Amy Bassin (USA)

Mark Blickley (USA)

Frie J. Jacobs (Belgium)

  • NHD NPN, 17x23,5cm, 16 pages, edition of 5, 2018
  • AI AE, 20x15,8cm, 24 pages, edition of 5, 2018
  • OY O  O, 20,5x21,8cm, 32 pages, edition of 4, 2019

archival inkjet prints, cardboard, chipboard, linen spine, fire (soot), acrylic, pencil, Japanese paper, Schut 180gr paper, Jacobs’ binding

Head First into Emotional Evolution trilogy during Hidden harmony - 2019 

Wouter De Bruycker Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

N T  N T

2018 - handmade artist book, archival inkjet print, cardboard, linen spine, fire (soot), charcoal, pencil - edition of 5 - 20 pages - 23x15,5cm

I  d  S

2018 - handmade artist book, archival inkjet print, cardboard, linen spine, seeds, photography, , Japanese paper - edition of 5 - 16 pages - 17x17cm

A lesser life

an overview of an oeuvre of 30 years

introduction: Mark Blickley

graphic design: Pieter Geerts

publisher: Project O

2017 - English - hardcover - full color - 242 pages - 21,5x15,3cm

ISBN 9789090301600

still available (send email): 30,00 euros

Oude Landen Jonge Spruiten

publication on the occasion of the exhibition Old Lands/Young Sprouts 

in (WOOT), Antwerp 

contains a list of 250 scientific names of the flora found on the site ‘Oude Landen’

introduction: Frie J. Jacobs

cover photo: Inge Dumoulin

book binding: Jen Gossé

2014 - Dutch - 12 pages - 16,5x13,5cm

numbered from 1 to 30 and signed


in 1992, Frie J. Jacobs' work was awarded the Young Belgian Art Prize. This book is a modest overview from 1992 to twenty years later.

texts: Florent Bex, Heide Brouckaert, Raf Coenjaerts, Jelle Meander,
          Philip Meersman, David Ulrichs

graphic design: Pieter Geerts

2012 - Dutch - hard cover - full color - 80 pages - 21x25cm

Apparatus / 3D

In situ